Silvana Morena



Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela of Italian-born parents. I started my career as part of the VIASA airline sales department, from 1978 to 1980. I then graduated from law school in 1989 with the degree of “Lawyer of the Republic of Venezuela”. 

A few years later, I became part of the “Sociedad de Amigos del Centro de Arte de Maracaibo CAMLB”, which focused on always helping the “Fundacion del niño Con Cancer FUNDANICA”; a foundation for underprivileged children with Cancer. 

During my many years as part of the CAMLB society, we created and prepared the annual fair FIAAM; a fair in arts and antiques, dedicated to collect funds for the foundations mentioned before. Additionally, together with a group of friends we founded the fashion museum, MM de Maracaibo (Museo de la Moda de Maracaibo)  in which we prepared events to obtain funds for the same institutions before, FUNDANICA and CAMLB. 

Since arriving to the USA in 2018 I continue to follow my passion to keep collaborating with these institutions back in Venezuela. And now, dear friends, we have founded Casa Italia MIAMI.