Paolo Mangia

Vice President


Born in Galatina (LE), Italy in 1971. Raised in Milan and Bari, Paolo Mangia is the son of a traditional southern Italian family.

The second of three children, he showed an early innate entrepreneurial spirit and interest in learning  managerial skills from his father in order to  run  the family shipping and logistics business. After acquiring substantial experience by working in direct contact with his father and  undertaking studies in corporate marketing, Paolo decided to continue his experience in America.

At the age of 24 he moved to the city of Miami, in the state of Florida, in order to get a broader perspective on shipping operations and to learn the system with a new point of view. His innate open-mindedness, engaging attitude, professionalism, and respectful presence quickly procured him the opportunity of obtaining a contract with a large shipping company.

This decision lead to the unplanned pursuit of the American dream and Paolo took advantage of this opportunity and steadily moved up the corporate ladder. In 2002 he launched his own company; MP Freight Logistics. At this time Paolo is an active board member of Il circolo an italian society organization, participating in the annual NIAF association and supports other related community partnerships.  His leadership style is visionary and compassionate; he often comments: “I thank my parents for their education, family traditions, and teaching me to observe the importance of being detailed in order to build great things of integrity”.

Dedicated to his family, Paolo has been married for 25 years to Mary Elaine, Director of Outpatient Services at a local hospital; They have two children, 19-year-old Sofia and 17-year-old Rocco, and reside in the Miami Dade County Downtown area.